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EAT Stromfilter Noise Eater

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Torsten Fink


What to expect

The Noise Eater eliminates interference and noise from the power grid. Because the mains current is “bypassed” the filter, it generates no heat.

The sound character of your system will certainly not change, but the quietness in the sound and the stability of the picture will be very noticeable, especially during working hours when there are more disturbances in the mains.

The Noise Eater is a small investment with maximum performance. The difference is immediately audible!

Where is it used?

Like the Pulse Protector, the Noise Eater must also be placed close to your devices, preferably in the same (wall) socket as the power plugs of the audio devices are connected to.

The Noise Eater can be used for devices such as CD players, D/A converters, tuners, phono stages, but also for amplifiers, even large devices! Multiple Noise Eaters in one (wall) socket are useless in most cases, one Noise Eater in each (wall) socket is a good idea, but feel free to experiment…

The Noise Eater is not phase critical, you can simply plug the Noise Eater into the wall socket or multiple socket.

operating principle

Disturbances in the network usually occur when a device is switched on and off, but the disturbances can also be caused by nearby industry or elevators in the building. Computers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, drills and many other devices connected to the power grid can also cause interference.

Small distortions in your power grid are difficult to detect, you need special measuring devices for this. However, the effects of the distortions are clearly audible. You need a special filter to clean your power grid without slowing down the flow.

The Noise Eater is a shunt filter, meaning the mains current that powers your audio equipment does not flow through the filter’s components. The filter merely “monitors” the line voltage and then intercepts the distortion signals. The streams are not slowed down and the distortions are gone!

The Noise Eater circuitry has been extensively tested to ensure the sonic character of the music remains intact! The circuit itself has been cast in resin to keep it from vibrating. The Noise Eater’s body is also a solid piece of POM-C material, shaped on a CNC lathe.

So not only IS the Noise Eater a great filter… it looks great too!


  • Viele Störungen in der Audiowiedergabe werden verschwinden
  • Mehr Ruhe bei leisen Musikstücken
  • Ihre Klangbühne wird transparenter als je zuvor

Zusätzliche Information

Schutz von:


Maximale Spannung:

250 Volt

Maximale Spitzenspannung:

2500 Volt

Maximaler Spitzenstrom:

4500 Ampere

Maximale Spitzenenergie:

65 Joule


<25 nanoseconds

Filtert Frequenzen oberhalb des Audiospektrums Abmessungen:

39,5 mm Durchmesser x 129 mm (ohne Stifte)


240 Gramm


Essential Audio Tools

Essential Audio Tools



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