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Released 13/09/2017

This releases refreshes the UI look and feel, particularly on the Disc Ripper, as well as a number of improvements and features

New Features and Improvements

  • New UI for Disc Copier showing progress bar per track
  • Import now copies files first to Auto-Import before importing to the Music Library. This results in a perfomance imprrovement and allows to restart the Import process without creating duplicates in Quarantine
  • When Import moves files to Unsorted, now creates a timestamped folder so that it can be identified when those items were imported
  • New option to delete all duplicates from Quarantine
  • Quarantine can now handle unknown CDs with damaged tracks
  • Perfomance improvements in rescanning the Music Library
  • UI actions are now a dropdown at the top-right corner of the screen and explicitly names the actions available
  • Postpone option has been changed to asking explicitly if user wants to rescan library
  • Disc Copier ripping engine has been revised for performance and efficiency
  • Importing from Music Server has now been discontinued. Please use Import from Network Storage instead.
  • Storage information can now be seen when ripping CDs and at the System area on the innuOS Dashboard


  • Fixed issue with backup window not closing after a successful backup
  • Fixed issue with ripping CDs with very long tracks (> 40 mins)
  • Fixed issue calculating progress when ripping CDs in Mono
  • Fixed issue with some album covers not being retrieved even though they existed in the database
  • Fixed issue with Artist and Composer names separated by commas (ex: Mozart, Amadeus) being considered two different artists
  • Fixed issue with Disc Copier exiting when dealing with damaged tracks
  • Fixed issue with Music Library rescanning window not closing when Roon is active
  • Fixed issue with Quarantine not able to preview track if the track title contained the ' character
  • Other minor bug fixes

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