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Released 30/05/2017

New Features and Improvements

  • Roon is now pre-configured to the innuOS Music Library path
  • Performance improvements on Music Library
  • Updated Qobuz and BBC iPlayer plugins
  • When importing music, checks if the Artist or Album ends with a dot character so folder names do not include it.


  • Fixed issue with Qobuz not showing album covers
  • Fixed issue with Import crashing when Roon is active
  • Fixed issue with an extra quote character being added to NAS paths
  • Fixed issue where a disc with a recovered reading error would still be placed on Quarantine
  • Fixed issue with Quarantine playing music previews from a different album
  • Fixed issue with Sonos Music Library configuration not showing even when disabling/enabling Sonos

Post-Installation Notes

If you were running Roon previous to this update, you may need to re-enable the storage on Roon settings. Just follow the steps below:

  1. On the Roon app, go to Settings > Storage.
  2. Enable the Music Folder as shown on the image below:
    5.2.a roon enable music folder
  3. Remove the other disabled paths as shown on the image below:
    5.2.b roon remove disabled folders

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