BAT Hybrid-Vollverstärker VK-3000SE

bat-vollverstaerker-vk-3000-se-front-silber-grossEindeutig der für uns beste Hybrid-Vollverstärker am Markt, da scheuen wir keinen Vergleich.

Hybrid-Vollverstärker VK-3000SE Stückpreis in CM-Audio Shop: 

9.500,00 EUR
* Ausführung:

Technische Daten

 Number of Channels:


 Output Power at 8Ω/4Ω:

 150W / 300W
 Inputs: 2 XLR + 3 RCA
 Volume control resolution: 0.5db
 Volume Control number of steps: 140
 Preamplifier Outputs: 1 XLR balanced output
 Tape Output: 1 RCA
 Speaker Outputs 2 pair gold-plated binding posts
 Frequency Response 2Hz to 180kHz
 Input Impedance
 minimum each phase

 Tube Complement 6H30:

 Dimensions (WHD) Inches: 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"
 Weight: 50lbs

The Balanced Audio Technology VK-3000SE integrated amplifier embodies simplicity without compromise. Whether it’s a studio apartment with skyline views or an expansive home with minimalist décor, even the most uncluttered living space should breathe with the life of exquisite music. Made to satisfy the world’s most discriminating music lovers, and providing effortless power in a truly compact package, the VK-3000SE delivers such splendor.

Effortless Power and Rich Textures

Certain to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding audiophiles, the VK-3000SE will effortlessly serve as the nucleus of an ultra-high-end music system. It provides a robust 150 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads and doubles this output into 4-ohm loads. Combine such ability with BAT’s vacuum-tube preamplifier section—based on the same reference 6H30 SuperTube used in the flagship REX II preamplifier—and you get sublime power matched with richly textured musicality.

Ultimate Flexibility, Optional Phono Card

Incredibly versatile, the VK-3000SE can be configured to meet almost any system need. A programmable user interface allows you to easily mate the VK-3000SE with a home-theater system. Change sources, switch polarity, or fade your music with just one touch—all from the included machined-aluminum remote control. Add in the optional phono module, and you’ll obtain superb reproduction of your vinyl collection from either moving-magnet or low-output moving-coil cartridges. Use the vacuum-tube preamplifier outputs to control an amplifier in a second room. Such extraordinary flexibility sets the VK-3000SE far apart from its peers.

Thoroughbred Design, Signature Look, Impeccable Pedigree

Many integrated amplifiers offer the benefit of convenience, but little else. The VK-3000SE is different by design. Its circuitry and build maintain the uncompromisingly high caliber found in Balanced Audio Technology’s flagship components. The output stage employs the symmetrical bipolar design used in BAT’s reference VK-6200 multichannel power amplifier. The preamplifier section uses the same 6H30 SuperTube Unistage design topology employed throughout BAT’s Special Edition tube preamplifiers—right down to the paper-in-oil signal capacitors. And the user interface offers the superb flexibility and ease of use that helped BAT set the industry standard. Even the included VK-R3 remote is machined from a solid block of aluminum. To literally cap it off, the VK-3000SE features a gorgeous aluminum top cover and side panels that add to its signature look. Inside and out, this integrated amplifier possesses an impeccable pedigree.

Superb Musicality, Breathtaking Performance

The VK-3000SE’s elegant design and technical prowess ultimately exist to serve the music. For any integrated amplifier, the crucial test is its sound, and the performance afforded by the VK-3000SE is breathtaking—and pure BAT. “Open,” “delicate,” “smooth,” and “powerful” immediately come to mind when describing its sonic characteristics. We can say without hesitation that the VK-3000SE is competitive with reference-level separates. At last, musical finesse and superb performance are combined without compromise in one convenient package. We invite you to visit your BAT audio specialist to experience this revelation for yourself. Remember: All you need to do is listen.

Hybrid-Vollverstärker VK-3000SE Stückpreis in CM-Audio Shop: 

9.500,00 EUR
* Ausführung:


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